West Kalimantan Contest 2024 is held by ORARI West Kalimantan Region.

Coinciding with Orari’s 36th Birthday, West Kalimantan Region, 2024


Improving skills among ORARI members throughout Indonesia as well as establishing a family spirit, strengthening brotherhood and upholding the sportsmanship of the Indonesian Radio Amateur Contest.


Participants are ham operator members who have a valid Amateur Radio License

( The West Kalimantan Contest is intended for anyone throughout the world )


Every first week, in December the implementation is set on Saturday

2021 – Saturday 04 December 2022 : 00:00 UTC – 05 December 2021 : 23:59 UTC

2022 – Saturday 03 December 2022 : 00:00 UTC – 04 December 2022 : 23:59 UTC

2023 – Saturday 02 December 2023 : 00:00 UTC – 03 December 2023 : 23:59 UTC

2024 – Saturday 07 December 2024 : 00:00 UTC – 08 December 2024 : 23:59 UTC

2025 – Saturday 06 December 2025 : 00:00 UTC – 07 December 2025 : 23:59 UTC

Amateur Radio Indonesia is expected to make as much contact as possible with stations from within and outside the country

80 – 40 – 20 – 15 – 10 meter band


SSB -> 59 + Serial Number 001



Individual Single Operator 

  • Single Operator Extra  Class – YB/YE High Power.
  • Single Operator Extra  Class – YB/YE Low Power.
  • Single Operator Advanced Class – YC/YF High Power.
  • Single Operator Advanced Class – YC/YF Low Power.
  • Single Operator General Class – YD/YG Low Power.
  • Single Operator DX Station – Any Power
  • Multi Operator – YB Station  Any Power
  • Inside West Kalimantan – Any Power


QSO Points:

Contacts with stations on different continents: 20 (twenty) Points

Contacts with stations from the same continent: 10 ( Ten ) Points.

Contact with YB : 5 (Five) Points.

Contacts with 7A7A Bonus : 50 Points


QSO with each World Prefixes the first time each Band : 1 multiplier

QSO with each Country the first time each Band : 1 Multiplier


Please download the UDC File at:

The committee only accepts log sheets in the form of electronic cabrilo N1MM format from UDC “KALBAR”

Please Submit / upload the cabrillo log sheet to:

The deadline for uploading logsheets is 7 days after the contest.

Dead Line : 15 December 2024 – 23:59 UTC Note: If the time limit is exceeded, the log sheet will be considered as Check Log .


LOG SUBMIT File Cabrillo


Online certificates are awarded to all participants who submit  Logsheets .
Specifically for the requirements for advancing to the level of the West Kalimantan Orda raiser, each participant must have a minimum of 50 confirmed QSOs.

Note the Callsign and Name on N1MM will be the data base for making plaques and certificates.

Check Log not getting certificate


Plaques are provided For the winners, the list of plaques and sponsors can be seen at   Announcement of contest results no later than December 31, 2024.


Self Spotting is not allowed

Participants who have won the Inside Kalbar Contest are not included in the next Inside Kalbar Contest assessment, the winner of the Inside Kalbar Contest is only valid for one assessment.

Only one broadcast signal is allowed to work on one frequency.

The Committee for “West Kalimantan Contest” can disqualify contestants who violate the rules

The decision of the West Kalimantan Contest Committee is final and cannot be contested. 

Contest Manager – YB7CCP

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